[Haskell-cafe] distghc possible?

Victor Nazarov asviraspossible at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 04:52:47 EDT 2007

> i am a newbie in haskell.
> i have read about the tool distcc, http://distcc.samba.org/.
> so i was wondering, does something like this already exist for
> haskell?
> would it be possible to implement a similar tool based on ghc for
> haskell or does this not make sense as a haskell program has to be
> compiled all in one go?
> how are haskell programs compiled?
> it would be great if someone would have some suggestions on this.

It seems possible and you can use ghc as a compiler on each machine
from the compilation farm. I think distcc can be accommodated to do


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