[Haskell-cafe] Re:[Haskell] Math behind Haskell

Tomas Caithaml Tomas.Caithaml at seznam.cz
Mon Sep 24 16:02:08 EDT 2007

Hi and thanks for that many replies!

> The haskell-cafe@ mailing list is more appropriate for messages such
> as this. haskell@ is just for announcements (it should be called
> haskell-annouce@ !) 

Sorry for misposting.

> I'd add:
> * Discrete Maths - booleans, relations, functions etc.
> * Type theory
> * Logic programming (Prolog)
> * Semantics

> Most of these are computer science courses, rather than maths ones. 

My formulation was somewhat unfortunate on this point. I wasn't strictly
looking for math courses, so Type Theory a Semantics seems to be a very 
good suggestions. Alas, I do not recall any course named "Type Theory" 
being taught here. But thanks for these hints.

I should have probably also noted that I am not new to university (4th year), 
so I have already taken some courses. Notably:

several semesters of real analysis
Linear algebra, Algebra
Discrete mathematics and graph theory
few algorithm and datastructure courses,
Logic Programming

introduction courses into:
Propositional and Predicate logic
Computability theory
Computational complexity theory
Set Theory

And I think I have enough of basic mathematical fluency to be able to 
follow (at least to some degree) any math course  if it is not extra hard 
or if it does not heavily depend on other courses.

>Just take the computer science courses that the fewest of your fellow
> students see any point to. 

Well, there are too many of those :-)

Thanks, Tom.

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