[Haskell-cafe] Noob question and sequence of operations (print then do something else)

John Wicket galtor003 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 01:17:51 EDT 2007

I am still in an imperative way of thinking.  In this example here; how
would I call "putStrLn" and then set the function with a value.  Eg:

aa :: String -> IO ()
aa instr = do
  putStrLn "abc"
  putStrLn "abc"
  return "123"

--- The error I am getting.

    Couldn't match expected type `()' against inferred type `[Char]'
    In the first argument of `return', namely `"123"'
    In the expression: return "123"
    In the expression:
    do putStrLn "abc"
       putStrLn "abc"
       return "123"
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