[Haskell-cafe] Building "production stable" software in Haskell

Adrian Hey ahey at iee.org
Sat Sep 15 03:27:02 EDT 2007

David Roundy wrote:
> I long
> for a Data.Map.Strict, for instance, because it's so hard to use Data.Map
> without producing memory leaks...

It's at times like this that I really wonder why on earth I bother
working hard on libs for the benefit of the community. But I guess
I'm not alone in that.

You're surely aware of the existance of the Data.Map clone with knobs
on that I wrote, since I can distinctly remember pointing it out to you
in an earlier thread..


Perhaps what you really mean is, you long for a Data.Map.Strict that
carries the offically blessed status of being shipped with ghc (reminds
me of someone asking for a "ghc approved" SDL binding a while back :-).

Adrian Hey

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