[Haskell-cafe] Monad.Reader 8: Haskell, the new C++

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Thu Sep 13 16:12:50 EDT 2007

This is all very cool stuff, but sometimes I wander if it isn't possible 
to drop the special languages for fiddling with types, and introduce 
just a single language which has no types, only raw data from which you 
can built your own "types" (as in the old days when we used macro 
assemblers ;-), but the language has two special keywords: static and 
dynamic, where code annotated with static runs in the "compiler domain", 
and code annotated with dynamic runs in "application domain". Of course, 
I don't know much about this, so this idea might be totally insane ;-) 
Probably this is impossible because of the halting problem or something...


Don Stewart wrote:
>>> Better here means "better" -- a functional language on the type  
>>> system,
>>> to type a functional language on the value level.
>>> -- Don
>> For a taste, see Instant Insanity transliterated in this functional  
>> language:
>> http://hpaste.org/2689
>> NB: it took me 5 minutes, and that was my first piece of coding ever  
>> with Type families
> Wow. Great work! 
> The new age of type hackery has dawned.
> -- Don
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