[Haskell-cafe] Haddock/hscolour integration broken on Hackage?

Roberto Zunino zunino at di.unipi.it
Wed Sep 12 08:02:39 EDT 2007

Roberto Zunino wrote:

 > Would be enough to use the %xx
> encoding of parenthesis? Would you instead use another prefix (it is 
> enough that no haskell identifier can start with it)? Maybe ".line" or 
> "-line" ?

AFAICS, I think "line-" should do.

 From w3.org:

ID and NAME tokens must begin with a letter ([A-Za-z]) and may be 
followed by any number of letters, digits ([0-9]), hyphens ("-"), 
underscores ("_"), colons (":"), and periods (".").


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