[Haskell-cafe] Building "production stable" software in Haskell

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Tue Sep 11 06:17:41 EDT 2007

The way I see it as a newcomer, Haskell shifts the typical imperical 
programming bugs like null pointers and buffer overruns towards 
"space/time leaks", causing programs that either take exponentially long 
to complete, stack overflow, or fill up the swap file on disc because 
they consume gigabytes of memory. Other bugs I found are incomplete 
pattern matches at runtime, but I already got an email of how to fix 
this using an external tool, although it would be nice if this is part 
of the compiler/linker itself.

How well and how can a Haskell program be tested to make sure it does 
not cause these space/time bugs?  What tools are typically used?


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