[Haskell-cafe] Installation of GLUT package

Martin Lütke prionic at gmx.de
Mon Sep 3 21:32:23 EDT 2007

Ronald Guida schrieb:
> The first command, "runghc Setup.hs configure", fails, reporting that
> it can't find "sh".  Naturally, I'm on a Windows box, so I don't have
> the Unix shell on my system.
> So now I'm stuck...
> * Is there an easy way to work around the absence of "sh"?

Try Cygwin? http://www.cygwin.com/

By the way, its nice to know how to get haskells opengl lib to use 
freeglut. Compile the Glut package from hackage.

I was in the same situation like you and wondered why ghc wont use the 
freeglut.dll. And why, when I renamed freeglut to glut32 a link error 
occured (or was it a runtime error when calling a freeglut specific 
function?). I thought freeglut can be used as a dropin for glut32.

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