[Haskell-cafe] interaction between OS processes

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at serpentine.com
Sun Sep 2 09:37:07 EDT 2007

Andrea Rossato wrote:

>>  Most likely, the content of s sits in a local buffer and never leaves this 
>>  process, following most OS conventions and as others point out. Another 
>>  process waiting for it will deadlock.

> Yes, I knew it was something related to the underneath OS. I'll have
> to study Unix seriously....

Your problem may be buffering-related (I haven't read your code to 
check), but if so, there's a fair likelihood that it has nothing to do 
with the OS.  GHC's runtime does its own buffer management on Handles. 
It's quite possible that your deadlock lies at that level, rather than 
anything lower.  Are you calling hFlush after writing to your pipe?


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