[Haskell-cafe] Why can't Haskell be faster?

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Wed Oct 31 18:10:11 EDT 2007

Are these benchmarks still up-to-date? When I started learning FP, I had 
to choose between Haskell and Clean, so I made a couple of little 
programs in both. GHC 6.6.1 with -O was faster in most cases, sometimes 
a lot faster... I don't have the source code anymore, but it was based 
on the book "The Haskell road to math & logic".

However, the Clean compiler itself is really fast, which is nice, it 
reminds me to the feeling I had with Turbo Pascal under DOS :-) I find 
GHC rather slow in compilation. But that is another topic of course.


Paulo J. Matos wrote:
> Hello all,
> I, along with some friends, have been looking to Haskell lately. I'm
> very happy with Haskell as a language, however, a friend sent me the
> link:
> http://shootout.alioth.debian.org/gp4/
> which enables you compare several language implementations. Haskell
> seems to lag behind of Clean.
> >From what I've seen of Clean it seems almost like Haskell. It even
> distributes a Haskell->Clean translator so the obvious question is,
> why is Haskell slower?
> Being similar languages and being GHC a very good compiler, can't it
> get at least as fast as Clean?
> What am I missing here? (I wrote this mail assuming the results from
> the URL are trustworthy).
> Cheers,

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