[Haskell-cafe] Re: viewing HS files in Firefox

apfelmus apfelmus at quantentunnel.de
Sun Oct 28 04:33:42 EDT 2007

Thomas Schilling wrote:
> Isaac Dupree wrote:
>> When I try to go to one of the Module.hs files, e.g. on 
>> darcs.haskell.org, it now has type HS and Firefox refuses to display it 
>> (and only lets me download it).  Does anyone know how to make Firefox 
>> treat certain file types as others (HS as plain text, in particular)? 
>> so that I can browse them with any convenience
> I believe those kinds of problem have to do with the MIME-encoding on
> the server side:  The server uses text/x-haskell.  For Firefox to
> display the document inline it probably has to be text/plain.  Not sure
> what the proper fix is, though.

I think so, too. Isn't there a way to reassign MIME types to 
browser/plugins via some hidden preferences in Firefox/Camino? On MacOS 
9, the old Netscape 4.5 allowed me to do that. I believe that Internet 
Explorer could do that as well via a standard system-wide preference.


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