[Haskell-cafe] XML parser recommendation?

Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at ii.uib.no
Tue Oct 23 08:40:57 EDT 2007

"Yitzchak Gale" <gale at sefer.org> writes:

>> In some usage patterns, it can reduce
>> the cost of processing from linear in the size of the document, to a
>> constant (the distance into the document to find a particular element).

> Oh oh - does that mean that Ketil's original case
> (an element containing a large quantity of CDATA) could
> still be a problem?

Don't know how interested you all are, but it's not just (P)CDATA, but
a subsection (enclosed by a specific tag) that I need to process as a

HaXml on my list after TagSoup, which I'm about to get to work, I
think (got distracted a bit ATM).

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