[Haskell-cafe] OS Abstraction module??

Tim Chevalier catamorphism at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 13:13:34 EDT 2007

On 10/22/07, Galchin Vasili <vigalchin at gmail.com> wrote:
>      ^^ how? If I define something like "class OS where ...." and define a
> POSIX instance of "class OS" and a Win32 API instance.. function calls will
> be to the instances and hence the OS APIs are visible. Yes?

I'm not sure what you mean. We don't have classes in Haskell (we do
have something called "type classes", which don't have much to do with
the OO notion of a "class".) I almost never have occasion to import
the POSIX or Win32 API modules when writing Haskell code. As Neil
implied, Haskell code is portable by default, and if you want to make
it non-portable, you have to go to a lot of effort.


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