[Haskell-cafe] Local Search Module

David F. Place d at vidplace.com
Mon Oct 22 10:19:52 EDT 2007

Dear [Reader]:

Recently, I needed to solve a constraint satisfaction problem.  So I  
coded a solution using backtracking and tabu lists.  I was pleased to  
see how easy it is in Haskell.  As an exercise, I created a module  
and a class interface for the search algorithm.  That was also a  
pleasure.  Since, I've become interested in this area I thought I  
might try to create a library that presents a nice interface for  
various popular metaheuristics.

I have poked around in Hackage, but not found anything similar.   Is  
such a thing already available?  I am thinking of something that  
would be immediately useful in Haskell programs without needing to  
learn another language like CLP.

BTW, the problem I am working on is an automated approach to lifting  
pieces of Renaissance polyphony from 3-limit to 5-limit Just Intonation.

Cheers, David

David F. Place
mailto:d at vidplace.com

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