[Haskell-cafe] On the verge of ... giving up!

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 17 16:59:41 EDT 2007

Hugh Perkins wrote:
> You're picking on Andrew Coppin? That's insane.  He's got a sense of
> humour, and he's a lay (non-phd) person.
> Honestly, in one thread you've got "Haskell is misunderstood!  Its the
> greatest language in the world!  Why does no-one use it????" and in
> another you're insulting one of the few non-phds who's interested in
> the language.

Um... well... thanks for the unsolicited defence.

Well anyway, as you can see, I'm back. Mainly because I have questions 
that I need answers for...

For what it's worth, I think Haskell is the most fantastic programming 
language ever invented. I spend all my time thinking about it and using 
it. And it frustrates the hell out of me that 100% of the human 
population consider Haskell to be an irrelevant joke language. So I 
basically have this uncontrollably awsome thing in front of me that I 
spend all my time and energy interacting with... and nobody to talk to 
about it. This mailing list is the only place I know of that is 
inhabited by people who actually think Haskell is something worth 
persuing. However, apparently even here my enthusiasm is misplaced.

I'm getting rather tired of being repeatedly flamed. So, in the 
interests of preventing any further incidents, I will limit myself to 
only asking specific questions that solicit a specific answer, and I 
will attempt to refrain from stating any opinion of any kind. Hopefully 
that way at least I'll get something useful from this list, and the 
other people reading it won't have to listen to me being flamed again...

[Let the lurking begin...]

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