[Haskell-cafe] using quickcheck to generate test (table) data

Thomas Hartman thomas.hartman at db.com
Tue Oct 16 19:38:50 EDT 2007

I wanted to generate some random table data, and decided to use quickcheck 
to do this. I didn't want to be checking properties, I actually wanted to 
output the examples that quickcheck came up with using arbitrary. In this 
case, I wanted to generate lists of lists of strings.

In case this is of use to anyone else here's an example...

One thing I don't understand is the purpose of the first argument to 
generate. If it's zero it's always the same data, so I made it a larger 
number (10000). Seems ok, but it would be nice to understand why. Or if 
there is a better bway to accomplish this.


{-# OPTIONS -fno-monomorphism-restriction #-}
module GenTestData where

import Test.QuickCheck
import Control.Monad
import System.Random
import Test.QuickCheck

import Misc
import ArbitraryInstances

f >>=^ g = f >>= return . g
infixl 1 >>=^

rgenIntList = rgen (arbitrary :: Gen [Int]) :: IO [Int]
rgenInt = rgen (arbitrary :: Gen Int) :: IO Int
rgenFoo = rgen (arbitrary :: Gen Foo ) :: IO Foo
rgenFoos = rgen (arbitrary :: Gen [Foo]) :: IO [Foo]
rgenString' = rgen (arbitrary :: Gen [Char]) :: IO [Char]
rgenString len = rgenString' >>=^ take len 
rgenStringRow' = rgen (arbitrary :: Gen [[Char]]) :: IO [[Char]]
rgenStringRow maxlenstr maxcols  = do
  >>=^ take maxcols 
  >>=^ map ( take maxlenstr )
rgenStringTable' = rgen (arbitrary :: Gen [[[Char]]]) :: IO [[[Char]]]
rgenStringTable maxlenstr maxcols maxrows = do
  >>=^ take maxrows
  >>=^ map ( take maxcols )
  >>=^ ( map . map ) (take maxlenstr)

rgen gen = do
  sg <- newStdGen
  return $ generate 10000 sg gen

module ArbitraryInstances where

import Test.QuickCheck
import Data.Char
import Control.Monad

instance Arbitrary Char where
    arbitrary     = choose ('\32', '\128')
    coarbitrary c = variant (ord c `rem` 4)

-- joel reymont's example I think
data Foo
     = Foo Int
     | Bar
     | Baz
       deriving Show

instance Arbitrary Foo where
     coarbitrary = undefined
     arbitrary   = oneof [ return Bar
                         , return Baz
                         , liftM Foo arbitrary


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