[Haskell-cafe] How to thoroughly clean up Haskell stuff on linux

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH allbery at ece.cmu.edu
Fri Oct 12 19:31:45 EDT 2007

On Oct 12, 2007, at 17:38 , Lihn, Steve wrote:

>   Installing: --prefix=~/cabal/lib/haddock-0.8/ghc-6.4 &

This looks suspicious to me:  the "~" metacharacter is only  
understood by shells, and only in certain circumstances (i.e. only at  
the beginning of a "word", not after a "="), and by the time you  
reach that phase it should have been expanded to your home directory  
already.  Check Cabal didn't leave stuff in a directory named "~"  
under your current directory, and if it did then redo the configure  
saying "$HOME" instead of "~" (and make sure you didn't quote it so  
that it gets passed on unexpanded like the "~" did).

> I don't think haddock "has" to depend on lamdbabot. But I saw  
> "Skipping
> HaddockHoogle" during the build. Isn't the Hoogle thing related to
> Lambdabot? Or they are unrelated.

Only insofar has Lambdabot has an interface to Hoogle (which IIRC  
depends on Haddock knowing how to build Hoogle indexes, which is what  
that segment is about).  Haddock doesn't build the Hoogle stuff by  
default, IIRC.

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