[Haskell-cafe] Hosting of Haskell project

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Oct 10 12:50:34 EDT 2007

> I recently had reason to do some encoding-related coding and noticed
> that Haskell was somewhat lacking (I could only find code for base64, on
> the other hand there are two implementations of it :-).
> I've almost reached a state where I wouldn't be ashamed of sharing the
> code so I looked into my options of free hosting.
> It seems I only have one option for publishing the code:
>  - Request a project on code.haskell.org.
> I could only find one option for a "homepage" for the project:
>  - Create a page on the Wiki.
> There seems to be no option when it comes to tracking bugs. :-(
> I could also not locate any option for publishing haddock pages. :-(
> Have I missed anything?

Publishing a code repository:

A homepage may be hosted on:

    code.haskell.org / community.haskell.org
    the Haskell wiki

Tracking bugs:

    Google's bug tracker is good

Haddock pages:

    code.haskell.org or hackage.haskell.org
        (they'll be automatically generated)

Check the http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/How_to_write_a_Haskell_program
guide, which I think should be up to date regarding these options.
Feedback on how to make this process clearer is welcomed!

-- Don

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