[Haskell-cafe] Curry and uncurry

PR Stanley prstanley at ntlworld.com
Thu Oct 4 18:50:24 EDT 2007

No, still no idea!
I tried curry f
where f :: (Num a) => (a, a) -> a
and it didn't like it.
For some reason I'm finding this a little chalenging.
Thanks, Paul
At 17:03 03/10/2007, you wrote:
>On 10/3/07, PR Stanley 
><<mailto:prstanley at ntlworld.com>prstanley at ntlworld.com> wrote:
>I didn't even know about the curry and uncurry functions. I'm not
>looking for the answer but some guidance would be much appreciated.
>Thanks, Paul
>You can look at the types without seeing the implementation, too. 
>Just start up GHCI and type:
>   :t curry
>   :t uncurry

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