[Haskell-cafe] Re: PROPOSAL: New efficient Unicode string library.

ChrisK haskell at list.mightyreason.com
Tue Oct 2 08:11:54 EDT 2007

Deborah Goldsmith wrote:

> UTF-16 is the native encoding used for Cocoa, Java, ICU, and Carbon, and
> is what appears in the APIs for all of them. UTF-16 is also what's
> stored in the volume catalog on Mac disks. UTF-8 is only used in BSD
> APIs for backward compatibility. It's also used in plain text files (or
> XML or HTML), again for compatibility.
> Deborah

On OS X, Cocoa and Carbon use Core Foundation, whose API does not have a
one-true-encoding internally.  Follow the rather long URL for details:


I would vote for an API that not just hides the internal store, but allows
different internal stores to be used in a mostly compatible way.

However, There is a UniChar typedef on OS X which is the same unsigned 16 bit
integer as Java's JNI would use.


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