[Haskell-cafe] A tale of three shootout entries

Sterling Clover s.clover at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 13:40:18 EST 2007

Was this with tossing the partial sums code into the optimised bangs
program? Weird. I wonder if profiling will help explain why? In any case, If
nobody comes up with any other tweaks, I'll probably submit the optimised
bangs version to the shootout this weekend.


On Nov 30, 2007 1:30 PM, Richard Kelsall <r.kelsall at millstream.com> wrote:

> Sterling Clover wrote:
> > I'm still curious if the pre-calculation of partial sums that I did
> > works well across processors, as I don't see why it shouldn't. My
> > less-strictified version of Don's code is attached, and below are the
> > functions you'll need to insert/replace to make the partial-sums
> > optimization work.
> Hello Sterling, I've timed your new Fasta with optimised bangs - it's
> the fastest so far. But the pre-calculated partial-sums version seems
> to go a bit slower for some unknown reason.
>                           Seconds
> Optimised bangs program    11.20    compiled ghc --make
> Optimised bangs program    10.73    compiled with -O -fglasgow-exts
>                                        -optc-mfpmath=sse -optc-msse2
>                                        -optc-march=pentium4
> Partial-sums program       11.97    compiled ghc --make
> Partial-sums program       11.14    compiled with -O -fglasgow-exts
>                                        -optc-mfpmath=sse -optc-msse2
>                                        -optc-march=pentium4
> This is on my GHC 6.6.1, W2K, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33GHz machine - same
> as for the previous timings I gave in this thread.
> Richard.
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