[Haskell-cafe] Re: New slogan for haskell.org

Mirko Rahn rahn at ira.uka.de
Fri Nov 30 05:22:00 EST 2007

>> The Haskell code works with arbitrary precision 
>> Integer, the C code with a fixed size int.

> This is also a work for a library (BTW like Haskell does), you can use 
> gmp or mpfr. This will just add one line to store x/2 in y and avoid its 
> recomputation. You will also have to switch from intset to set. And 
> there one can start to see the difference. The code refactoring will be 
> longer since C doesn't support parametric polymorphism nor operator 
> overloading.

Yes, Haskell is just great, so many things are hard-wired. Even if you 
use arbitrary precision Integer and appropriate set implementations, 
there is still no infinite, lazy list that avoids recomputation... I 
guess your C code either uses some non-standard includes or does not fit 
on a single page anymore.

Just for the record: Using a 64-bit machine (1.5GHz Itanium2) and a well 
scaling intset (Judy1), (something like) your C code calculates:

* within 1GB and in about 25 mins:
a_{892163852} = 11314755057
max seen so far:
a_{846081651} = 770163004735488 (50 bit)

* and within 32GB and in about 22 hours:
a_{28515445370} = 165480993670
max seen so far:
a_{25880571766} = 32905425960566784 (55 bit)

I guess that a Haskell program that verifies these values will depend on 
an external intset implementation. Or uses another data structure, for 
example some Set_of_Intervals...

/BR, Mirko Rahn

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