[Haskell-cafe] Working out which library to use (was: Haskell and DB)

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 16:18:48 EST 2007


> We have the start on a solution for how to pick "the good ones".
> We'll consider which binary IO library is most popular, from:
> The search engine returns the results:
>     * binary, is used by 12 other packages:

This only works with libraries that are lower-level, like binary,
which other libraries are likely to use. For libraries such as
HTML/XML parsing, its likely that the majority of users are
applications, which are under-represented on hackage. I don't know
what safecopy does, but I'm guessing its a wrapper around binary
providing some functionality, so it follows that more people probably
use the lower-level library than safecopy.



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