[Haskell-cafe] Hit a wall with the type system

Stefan O'Rear stefanor at cox.net
Wed Nov 28 23:45:00 EST 2007

On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 09:02:20PM -0700, Chris Smith wrote:
> I was talking to a few people about this on #haskell, and it was 
> suggested I ask here.  I should say that I'm playing around here; don't 
> mistake this for an urgent request or a serious problem.
> Suppose I wanted to implement automatic differentiation of simple 
> functions on real numbers; then I'd take the operations from Num, 
> Fractional, and Floating, and define how to perform them on pairs of 
> values and their differentials, and then I'd write a differentiate 
> function... but finding an appropriate type for that function seems to 
> be a challenge.
> We have:
> 1. Differentiating a function of the most general type (Num a => a -> a) 
> should produce a result of type (Num a => a -> a).
> 2. Differentiating a function of the more specific type (Fractional a => 
> a -> a) should produce a result of that type (Fractional a => a -> a).
> 3. Differentiating a function of the most specific type (Floating a => a 
> -> a) should produce a result of type (Floating a => a -> a).
> 4. BUT, differentiating a function which is of a more specific type than 
> (Floating a => a -> a) is not, in general, possible.
> So differentiate should have type A a => (forall b. A b => b -> b) -> a 
> -> a, but ONLY if the type class A is a superclass of Floating.
> Two partial solutions are: I can just define the differentiate function 
> for Floating; but that means if I differentiate (\x -> x + 1), the 
> result is a function only on floating point numbers, which is less than 
> desirable.  Or, I can define several functions: say, diffNum, 
> diffFractional, and diffFloating... all of which have precisely the same 
> implementation, but different types and require copy/paste to make them 
> work.
> Any thoughts?

You can get all the features you want if you are willing to weaken the
problem in the encapsulation dimension.

diffAnything :: (AD a a -> AD a a) -> a -> a
diffAnything f x = case (f (AD x 1)) of AD _ d -> d

Now, you can handle all of the above cases transparently, at the cost of
needing to export the AD type constructor (but not the data
constructor).  And it's H98 to boot.

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