[Haskell-cafe] Progress indications

Thomas Hartman thomas.hartman at db.com
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maybe Debug.Trace? like...

import Debug.Trace

t = foldr debugf 0 [1..10000]

f :: Int -> Int -> Int
f = (+)

-- same typesig as f
debugf :: Int -> Int -> Int
debugf x y | y `mod` 1000 == 0 = x + (trace (show y) y)
debugf x y = x + y

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[Haskell-cafe] Progress indications

In a "normal" programming language, you might write something like this:

  for x = 1 to 1000000
    print x
    ...do slow complex stuff...
  next x

In Haskell, you're more likely to write something like

  result k = filter my_weird_condition $ map strange_conversion $ 
unfoldr ...

That means that when you try to process the result, lots of processing 
happens, and your program just appears to lock up until a result is 
produced. So, like, how do you make it so that some kind of progress 
information is output while it's working? (Aside from dunking everything 
into the IO monad and ruining all your beautiful abstractions.) There 
doesn't seem to be a clean solution to this one...

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