[Haskell-cafe] RFI: HDBC-1.1.3 build error

Thomas Hartman thomas.hartman at db.com
Wed Nov 28 08:37:00 EST 2007


{-# OPTIONS_GHC -fglasgow-exts #-}

at the the top of the file that complains.

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[Haskell-cafe] RFI: HDBC-1.1.3 build error

ubuntu gutsy
HDBC-1.1.3$ runghc Setup.lhs build
Preprocessing library HDBC-1.1.3...
Building HDBC-1.1.3...
[3 of 6] Compiling Database.HDBC.Types ( Database/HDBC/Types.hs, 
dist/build/Database/HDBC/Types.o )

    Illegal polymorphic or qualified type: forall conn.
                                           (IConnection conn) =>
                                           conn -> b
    In the type signature for `withWConn':
      withWConn :: forall b.
                   ConnWrapper -> (forall conn. (IConnection conn) => 
conn -> b) -> b

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