[Haskell-cafe] Pb building HDBC-sqlite3

manu emmanuel.delaborde at citycampus.com
Wed Nov 28 05:47:23 EST 2007


still, trying to use a database with ghc 6.8.1 - patience running low  
however :)

I now have troubles installing HDBC-sqlite3

the build fails like so :

$ runhaskell Setup.lhs build

Preprocessing library HDBC-sqlite3-

      error: hdbc-sqlite3-helper.h: No such file or directory
Utils.hsc: In function ‘main’:

Utils.hsc:70:0:  error: parse error before ‘finalizeonce’
compiling dist/build/Database/HDBC/Sqlite3/Utils_hsc_make.c failed
command was: /usr/local/bin/ghc -c -package base- -package  
mtl- -package HDBC-1.1.3 -I. dist/build/Database/HDBC/Sqlite3/ 
Utils_hsc_make.c -o dist/build/Database/HDBC/Sqlite3/Utils_hsc_make.o


the hdbc-sqlite3-helper.h file is nowhere to be found on my system  
should it be part of the package ?



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