[Haskell-cafe] data-parallel prime sieve?

Adam Megacz megacz at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 27 13:44:48 EST 2007


Can anybody point me to a data-parallel implementation of the prime
sieve -- or any other prime number enumerator?

NESL/Nepal/DP-Haskell code would be nice, but anything fitting the
data parallel model will do.  I'm particularly looking for a solution
that doesn't wind up being dominated by the I/O latency between the
serial and parallel contexts -- especially as you get towards higher
numbers where the distance between the primes becomes a significant
fraction of the amount of storage in the parallel context.

I found pseudocode for such a program in a set of NESL slides from
1995 (before it was released) as well as a paper about a CM-2
implementation, but neither is quite satisfactory.


  - a

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