[Haskell-cafe] New demo/test program for Yhc Javascript backend

Thomas Hartman tphyahoo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 14:31:08 EST 2007

Fair enough, I can wait for a couple of days.

You might want to fix

thartman at none:~/haskell-installs/yhc-install/yhc/src/translator/js/test>darcs
hunk ./src/translator/js/test/Makefile 12
-       $(YHC) -includes ../lib/haskell -linkcore $<
+       $(YHC) --includes ../lib/haskell --linkcore $<

immediately though.

This is the only makefile for the javascript stuff in the repo, and it
doesn't work because of - instead of --. Given your darcs log message
that the javascript compiler would be broken I initially assumed that
was the reason and not a flags change.

More questions. So okay, it builds, I have Test1.html. It's a blank
file with a bunch of javascript. I have firebug, so I can ask execute
stuff in the javascript console. But I can't figure out what to
execute. factorial isn't there, nor sumlst... none of the interesting
looking functions? So what is this supposed to do? And can I change
the makefile so that at least it generates javascript where I can
execute the interesting functions in the firebug console?


2007/11/26, Dimitry Golubovsky <golubovsky at gmail.com>:
> Thomas,
> OK, let's try to get on the same page regarding where the project is.
> The Javascript generator is maybe not optimal, but it works.
> DOM bindings are generated from W3C's IDL files, so everything DOM
> provides may be used by Haskell programs, whether in CPS notation, or
> monadic, this will become clear, which form to use, in the near
> future.
> The recent HsWTKDemo works well in major browsers (FF, MSIE, Opera)
> except for Safari, but this is probably a hard case due to the lack of
> debugging information.
> If you look at its source http://darcs.haskell.org/yhc/web/jsdemos/HsWTKDemo.hs
> (no, you cannot compile it at the moment because it is plain CPS) you
> may see some stuff related to static page layout definition in
> declarative way (look for upcntW, factW, etc.) This part is almost
> finalized wrt notation. What's left undecided is whether to use plain
> CPS notation, or monadic notation for parts of the code that involve
> imperative stuff (see e. g. updateD function where node's children are
> replaced in order to update what's displayed).
> This all works perfectly in plain CPS. Understanding that nowadays
> Monads are mainstream, I am trying to adopt monadic notation based on
> the Cont monad instead of plain CPS. I ran one example (EchoM) on MSIE
> and noticed memory leaks on each user's action. However when the page
> is unloaded, MSIE shrinks in size which is a good sign. I think I know
> where the cause is, tonight I'll try to fix it. If unsuccessful, I'll
> probably unroll all monadic changes.
> Next steps are:
> 1. Finalize the code notation for static layout and imperative part
> and check the base library into the Yhc repo
> 2. Generate haddock documentation
> 3. Write a better documentation for developers
> 4. Set up a web service that would allow everybody to submit their
> Haskell source and generate HTML page with Javascript in response;
> this I think can be done based on the hpaste program (backed by
> Happs).
> Just for now, you have to wait a couple days while I am straightening
> the monadic thing out. I'd appreciate if you look at the code of
> HsWTKDemo and give me your impressions about notation, etc.
> Thank you.
> --
> Dimitry Golubovsky
> Anywhere on the Web

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