[Haskell-cafe] Old editions of The Monad.Reader lost

Wouter Swierstra wss at Cs.Nott.AC.UK
Mon Nov 26 08:27:41 EST 2007

On 18 Aug 2007, at 20:10, Henk-Jan van Tuyl wrote:

> Now that all hawiki pages have been removed, we have lost some  
> valuable information. For example The Monad.Reader; on http:// 
> www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/The_Monad.Reader

A few people have been asking what has happened to old editions of  
the Monad.Reader. I'm happy to announce that almost all authors have  
agreed to the new Haskellwiki license.

I have added the .pdf of the very first issue to the Monad.Reader  
homepage; Shae Erisson was kind enough to set up a wiki hosting the  
later issues.



Both are links can be found on the Monad.Reader homepage.

If anyone is inclined to port the MoinMoin content to the Haskellwiki  
format, I'd be happy to provide them with a list of all the authors  
that have agreed with the new license.


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