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Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Wed Nov 21 08:02:00 EST 2007

You are completely right, 99% of the people will read the PDF, in 
exactly the same sense that Windows users prefer to download an 
installable EXE instead of building from source.

But nobody here will argue that the *option* to build from source is 
useful no? So I don't see why this would not apply to compiling tex 
files into PDF. But I don't know anything about tex, so I can't really 
say. I'm using Microsoft Word, shame on me! Yes, I really should learn 
LaTeX though, because writing a lot of math equations in Word is tiresome...

> Hi Peter,
>> Yes, but why don't researchers just publish their TEX file? You can
>> regard that as the "source code" for generating PDF/PS whatever no?
> Building a .tex file can be rather hard with packages and what-not,
> plus quite a few of us use lhst2tex as a preprocessor. It's not
> impossible, but its not trivial either, and I can't imagine that
> anyone would use a .tex over a PDF.
> If there is a much better format than PDF as generated by the standard
> class files, it should be the authors creating it, not other people
> post-processing the tex.
> Thanks
> Neil

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