[Haskell-cafe] More accessible papers

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 14:57:14 EST 2007

Hi Peter,

>  Although this is standard, it is not really accessible for people with
> people with bad vision, who prefer larger fonts. When you print this, the
> fonts are rather small. For those people, a reflowable PDF would make much
> more sense, so they can choose how big the fonts are on screen & paper.

It is the standard for ACM workshops and conferences, which includes
ICFP and Haskell Workshop. All these PDF's are produced from a
standard Latex class file. If you wrote to people expressing this, and
did whatever magic is required to make the class file produce both the
current format and a reflowable PDF, you might get somewhere.

>  Do any of you have ideas how to convert a two column per page PDF/PS to a
> single larger column per page, and maybe even reflowable PDF?

For all my papers I have the original source .tex files. If you know
how to convert them into reflowable PDF's (or any other format that is
suitable for people with disabilities) I'm happy to hand them over. I
suspect you'll have more luck going from the original .tex rather than
the PDF.



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