[Haskell-cafe] Brazilian Haskellers ?

Ricardo Herrmann rherrmann at gmail.com
Thu Nov 15 08:46:57 EST 2007

I, for one, embrace that idea too (disguised Haskell evangelism) ... but in a
global scale. However, as long as we're not able to compete in the web-CRUD
arena, I think it will remain a niche. Hacking HAppS, Unify, HaskellDB now
would be more useful in that respect. We need to hijack Java/C programmers
and make'em take the red pill ;-)

Until now, all I did was increase the overall co-worker awareness of
functional programming in general at my employer (3 blue letters). As for
the university part, all of a sudden, in order to learn Haskell, I risked my
master's degree reimplementing everything in it, but, hey, it all works now
;-) That was questioned by all except for one of the qualifying exam
committee members, an ex Miranda programmer, but now there are more
professors interested in it.

Are there programming classes at Telecentros ? Felipe Lessa's beamer slides
based on the wikibook could be a good start point. 

Too much to do, so little time ... hehe


Maurí­cio wrote:
> Ricardo,
> The idea is great. There's a lot of
> haskellers in Brazil and, if we want to
> make Haskell the brazilian language of
> choice, as we all do, it's time to get
> together. However, I think just a mail
> group isn't going to do much. We already
> have two communities in Orkut, and the
> volume of communication is really low,
> people just prefer to exchange ideas in
> this list. What we need is to discuss great
> projects that could get brazilians involved
> in Haskell. Maybe a wiki would do better.
> For instance: I would love to do volunteer
> work in Telecentros, but all they have is
> OpenOffice classes. Wouldn't it be great
> if we could teach Haskell there? First we
> need to write good material, and then a few
> cool applications people would like to hack
> with - with variable names in Portuguese,
> of course, since ghc reads Unicode.
> We could also write some applications in
> Haskell that would be usefull for public
> services. I have a friend in Diadema's
> municipal office and he says there's
> a lot of people there doing volunteer
> work help using Ubuntu. What if we
> check what are the software needs of our
> public services and try to write stuff in
> Haskell that can be used there? I imagine
> something in the line of what is listed in
> 'www.softwarepublico.gov.br'. Also, we
> could help nice scientific projects in our
> Universities to get the utilities they need
> in Haskell. I think a wiki would be great
> to start exchanging good ideas on where we
> could use our efforts.
> Best luck. Conte comigo,
> Maurício
>  > Thanks. I also put in that page a link pointing to the haskellers map
> in
>  > Frappr, in order to encourage new HUGs. I believe most of us are lazy 
> enough
>  > (in the good Haskell way) to plot them in xearth ;-)
>  >
>  >
>  >>> Hi brazilian haskellers,
>  >>>
>  >>> How about trying to form a HUG-BR ? Maybe (...)
>  >>>
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