[Haskell-cafe] Somewhat random history question - chicken and egg

ajb at spamcop.net ajb at spamcop.net
Sun Nov 11 18:53:34 EST 2007

G'day all.

Quoting jerzy.karczmarczuk at info.unicaen.fr:

> But... tell me please, ANYONE, who takes part in this inspiring
> exchange: How many COBOL programs have you written in your life?

As you well know, only one COBOL program has ever been written.  The
rest are just modifications of it.

Actually, a more interesting problem is what you'd replace COBOL with,
and how you'd go about it.  Wouldn't it be nice if there was a modern
language that you could write or rewrite new parts of your COBOL
application in, and it all worked seamlessly with what you already had?

Andrew Bromage

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