[Haskell-cafe] Web Application Sessions

Lars Oppermann loppermann at acm.org
Tue Nov 6 05:04:57 EST 2007


I'm currently looking into web application programming with Haskell.
Though I am aware of HAppS, a lighttpd/fastcgi based approach is what
I'm currently considering.
It seems rather straightforward to implement a session manager, that
would maintian some server side state which is passed to the function
handling the request along with the request information and that gets
updated as a result of the request processing. Just like in Java
servlets (maybe call it funclets ;).
In fact, this seems so straight forward to me, that I was convinced
that somebody would already have implemented a library for that, that
takes care of associating requests with session-ID cookies - however,
I haven't found anything.
Does anyone know whether something like this has been done? Maybe I
can't find anything because my state-infested notion of session-data
is totally inappropriate in a functional programming environment. In
that case I would like to know about that (and how to better


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