[Haskell-cafe] Is there a module for multivariate linear regression?

Lihn, Steve horng_twu_lihn at merck.com
Mon Nov 5 13:19:27 EST 2007

I checked most of them, but did not find anything close.
Hstats seems to be the right place, but no, it does not contain such
It only contains predictive functions in statistics, but there is no
best-fit type of functions. I can calculate Sharpe ratio from it, but I
can not calculate the alpha and beta between two indexes/funds.

FYI -- Under 2.8, HaskellMath links to a 404 page.

> this does sound like fairly easy to package up as a new module,
though, if you're keen..

This may be the only alternative if nothing obvious comes up...


-----Original Message-----
>    I am looking for a Haskell module that will do multivariate linear
>    regression. Does someone know which module will do it? That is, the
>    equivalent of Perl's Statistics::Regression.pm.
>    Thanks,
>    Steve

Always check hackage.haskell.org first, but I'm not sure
we have exactly what you're looking for:


in which case the backup is :


this does sound like fairly easy to package up as a new module, though,
if you're keen..

-- Don

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