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Ryan Bloor ryanbloor at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 4 06:59:33 EST 2007

hello, I am struggling with rose trees
in Haskell. I need to construct an algebraic data type definition for
"family trees" and a representation of the tree below. Also I need to
construct a function that returns a persons children when given both a
family tree and a name. The same is needed but for a getParents



                                  2                 3               4

                           5     6     7                   8    9    10     11


That is the rose tree that I seek. Where each number above is equivalent to (String, String) 


Data Tree a = Empty | Leaf a | Node a [(Tree a)]


example :: Tree (String, String) 

example = Node ("a","b")     -- root node

                    [ ...............define tree.........................] -- end of tree

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