[Haskell-cafe] Why does GHC limit stack size?

Adrian Hey ahey at iee.org
Sat Nov 3 07:07:59 EDT 2007


 > Why is there a limitation on the stack size in GHC? Like heap where we
 > can limit the size by -M RTS option but the default is unlimited, why
 > not let the program use as big a stack as required? If not by default,
 > then by a separate option?
 > Some of the functions that we write in recursive fashion will usually
 > cause a stack overflow, but will work fine if there is more stack
 > (suppose we are not worried about efficiency). And these functions
 > generally look nicer and compact than their tail recursive versions.
 > Is this is a technical hurdle, or just a checkpoint for runaway
 > programs?

This was discussed a while ago on the ghc users mailing list.
I think there was general agreement that this was bad, but
that doing something better meant a lot of work for someone
(who could be trusted to "get it right" :-)


Adrian Hey

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