[Haskell-cafe] sending from Gmail (was Parsing words with parsec)

Paolo Veronelli paolo.veronelli at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 04:52:01 EDT 2007

On Friday 30 March 2007 11:44, Bayley, Alistair wrote:
> > From: haskell-cafe-bounces at haskell.org
> > [mailto:haskell-cafe-bounces at haskell.org] On Behalf Of Paolino
> >
> > > I'd start by not sextuple-posting, it just sextuples the
> >
> > ugliness ;-)
> > Mhh, still I don't see any them in my inbox mails , probably something
> > buggy in gmail configuration, sorry :/.
> Are you expecting to see your sent message eventually arrive in your
> inbox? gmail doesn't do that by default (and I don't see an obvious
> setting to change it). gmail seems to be fairly keen on removing
> duplicate messages.

Then probably I was expecting haskell-cafe to send messages sent by me to me 
also so I can have my messages in the thread automatically. Or , I have to 
copy them from the sent box to the haskell-cafe filter box ?
I'm confused.


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