[Haskell-cafe] toClockTime

Jeremy Shaw jeremy.shaw at linspireinc.com
Tue Mar 20 14:57:34 EDT 2007

At Tue, 20 Mar 2007 12:02:20 -0400,
Jeff Polakow wrote:
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> Hello,
>   On my system, GHC 6.6 running on windows xp, System.Time.toClockTime 
> fails on calendar times later than (by days, I didn't check hours, 
> minutes, etc.) January 18, 2038.  Is this a bug? 

This is the famous unix epoch bug -- unix time is based on the number
of seconds since some date in 1970. About 4 billion seconds later is
2038, and the counter wraps around.

Try using Data.Time instead -- it was written by a self-professed time
nerd, and probably works correctly. It was added in GHC 6.6 and
largely supercedes System.Time.


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