[Haskell-cafe] Haskell Chess

Steffen Mazanek smazanek at steffen-mazanek.de
Mon Mar 19 12:40:48 EDT 2007

I originally used a more general approach (probably similar to the one 
you refer to), but
kicked generality out in favor of simplicity. In teaching one should 
probably just discuss
this aspect, but stay with the simple approach (I'll add a note to the 
wiki page :-)). In
contrast, for the real Haskell world such a library would be great. One 
could even use
an abstract game specification and compute the corresponding core (if 
existing and
computation being feasible according to the complexity of the game).

Two-Player-zero-sum games are very library friendly kinds of games. 
However, interesting
"other" games are probably too diverse to be pressed in a general 
framework, aren't they?

Henning Thielemann schrieb:
> On Mon, 19 Mar 2007, Andrew Wagner wrote:
>> Steffen,
>> I've done some chess AI programming in the past, so I'd be happy to
>> help with this project. I have some pretty fundamental design
>> suggestions that I'll write up for the wiki page.
> As a spin-off, will there grow some library for general strategies in
> board games, like those described in "why functional programming matters"?
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