[Haskell-cafe] Visibility of definitions in Hugs Prelude

Fritz Ruehr fruehr at willamette.edu
Mon Mar 19 03:15:46 EDT 2007

I am wondering about the visibility of definitions in the Hugs  
Prelude. More specifically, when I ask for info about the Eq class, I  
see a lot of instances, including:

> instance Eq Key

On the other hand, Key is not in scope:

> Hugs> :info Key
> Unknown reference `Key'

I imagine this has to do with importing/exporting, or maybe some  
modern Hugs empty-Prelude funkiness. Or perhaps it is because Key is  
a "non-standard export" (but that is just a comment in the Prelude).

In any case, is it intended that ":info" will tell me about things  
that I (and it) can't otherwise see?

Please forgive my naivete re module rules in advance ... .

   --  Fritz

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