[Haskell-cafe] ANNOUNCE: Google Summer of Code - open for business

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Fri Mar 16 08:40:08 EDT 2007

We are pleased to announce that haskell.org has been officially accepted
as a mentoring organisation for this year's Summer of Code.

Student applications are now open!


Students: want to earn $4500 for 3 months work hacking in Haskell?  Go
to our ideas page, browse around, and write up a proposal for something
you would like to work on.  You must be available to work basically
full-time for the months of June to August (inclusive).  Proposals are
competitive against other students.  Last year, nine were funded.  Your
deadline for application is 24th March.

Anyone else: Got any good ideas for coding projects, but no time to work
on them yourself?  Go to our wiki and add it in to the database!  Or do
you feel you could be either a primary or backup mentor for a student
project in an area of your interest, even if it isn't a project you
defined yourself?  We need willing members of the community to foster
the new student talent, so sign up on the wiki's 'people' page if you
would like to be involved.  Obviously you will need Haskell coding
experience, but also be able to advise on time management, strategies
for gaining a userbase and keeping them happy, ways of interacting with
the wider Haskell community, and so on.


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