[Haskell-cafe] Foralls in records

Adde adde at trialcode.com
Tue Mar 13 21:23:31 EDT 2007

I'm experimenting with implementing database transactions as monads but I'm 
getting stuck on how to store a generic connection (only constrained by a 
typeclass) inside the transaction. The reason I'm doing it this way is that 
the connection could be a different kind of structure depending on what 
database the transaction is using.
The goal is to enable all functions using the monad to extract the connection 
using getConnection.
I realise I could probably get it running by adding a type parameter for the 
connection type to TransactionT and Transaction but I feel I shouldn't have 
to. All the compiler needs to know is that the contained value conforms to the 
interface of Connection.

data TransactionT = forall c. (Connection c) => TransactionT c

data Transaction a = Transaction (TransactionT -> (a, TransactionT))

instance Monad Transaction where

getConnection :: Transaction c
getConnection = Transaction (\t@(TransactionT c) -> (c, t))

class Connection c where
  connectionExecute :: c -> String -> Transaction ()

execute :: String -> Transaction ()
execute s = connectionExecute getConnection s

I'm getting the following error:
Couldn't match expected type `c' (a rigid variable)
           against inferred type `c1' (a rigid variable)
      `c' is bound by the type signature for `getConnection'
        at Database.hs:19:29
      `c1' is bound by the pattern for `TransactionT'
             at Database.hs:20:33-46
    In the expression: c
    In the expression: (c, t)
    In a lambda abstraction: \ (t@(TransactionT c)) -> (c, t)

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