[Haskell-cafe] haskell and webapplications + a WASH and a WebFunction question

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Tue Mar 13 10:45:26 EDT 2007


I've noticed that the summer of code tickets contain one item:
"lightweight web framework".  I've dropped out university one year ago.
So I can't participate, right?

Do you want to explore with me how this might be done propably using
HAppS or fastcgi ?
I just need another person to talk to to. 
(mailinglist will do as well ;)

I think webfunction is a very good starting point.

Would it be worth adding a page like haskellIDE
to collect ideas ?

There are still some question I could not answer yet eg:
WASH: How is askContinuously used?
      did anyone use WASH with FastCGI ?
      I've tried looking at the apis. FastCGI (mantained by Bringert)
      seems to need the HTTP response as plain text (either ByteString
      or lazy String) whereas WASH wants to write to a handle (see
      function start wehere initEnv stdin stdout) is called and sets
      cgiHandle which seems to be the handle to be written to.
      Did I get this right? Is there an easier way then rewriting WASH?

WebFunctions: When using dog http:localhost:8080.. dog prints the
html page and waits still 10s because the WebFunction webserver waits
for another request. This is caused by
     b <- myHWaitForInput h 10
     in file LLWebServer.hs
which makes it impossible to use benchmarking tools such as ab2 from
Do you know wether this is bug?


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