[Haskell-cafe] Re: HS-Plugins 1.0 chokes on simple test, WinXP GHC-6.6

Iain Alexander ia at stryx.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 21:28:37 EDT 2007

> > I'm running cygwin on WinXP and got a different failure (below) from
> the
> > latest darcs hs-plugins.  Line 11 is right after the TOP definition. 
> Does
> > anyone have a theory about what's going on here? - Conal
> looks like the TOP and GHC_LIB_PATH values are the output of external
> commands, such as ghc --print-libdir, and someone forgot to remove the
> linefeeds from the output before inserting it in the script?

Recent versions of cygwin bash do not by default handle DOS/Windows-style line 
endings well.  See any recent bash release notice on cygwin-announce for 
details, but here are the juicy bits.

According to Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin bash maintainer

4. This version of bash has a cygwin-specific shell option, named "igncr" to 
force bash to ignore \r, independently of cygwin's mount style.  As of bash-
3.2.3-5, it controls regular scripts, command substitution, and sourced files.  
I hope to convince the upstream bash maintainer to accept this patch into the 
future bash 4.0 even on Linux, rather than keeping it a cygwin-specific patch, 
but only time will tell.  There are several ways to activate this option:  

4a. For a single affected script, add this line just after the she-bang:
 (set -o igncr) 2>/dev/null && set -o igncr; # comment is needed

4b. For a single script, invoke bash explicitly with the shopt, as in
'bash -o igncr ./myscript' rather than the simpler './myscript'.

4c. To affect all scripts, export the environment variable BASH_ENV,
pointing to a file that sets the shell option as desired.  Bash will
source this file on startup for every script.

4d. Added in the bash-3.2-2 release: export the environment variable SHELLOPTS 
with igncr included in it.  It is read-only from within bash, but you can set 
it before invoking bash; once in bash, it auto-tracks the current state of 'set 
-o igncr'.  If exported, then all bash child processes inherit the same option 
settings; with the exception added in 3.2.9-11 that certain interactive options 
are not inherited in non-interactive use.  

5. You can also experiment with the IFS variable for controlling how bash will 
treat \r during variable expansion.  
Iain Alexander      ia at stryx.demon.co.uk

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