[Haskell-cafe] library for generating HTML and LaTeX

Dougal Stanton ithika at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 11:09:31 EST 2007

Quoth Henning Thielemann, nevermore,
> We have Text.Html in the standard libraries for generating HTML code. Is
> there also a library for generating LaTeX code? Or even better: Is there a
> library which can emit the same document with markup in HTML, LaTeX or a
> different markup language? Frequently I like to present results of some
> computations and then I start hacking output for LaTeX and I wonder if
> there is a simpler solution.

I did see an implementation of a markup language intermediary somewhere.
I distinctly remember it could read Markdown and write HTML amongst
other things.

Yeah, here we go: PanDoc [1], which converts between Markdown,
reStructured Text, HTML, LaTeX and also RTF, DocBook and HTML

I've never used it but it sounds pretty nifty.

[1]: <http://sophos.berkeley.edu/macfarlane/pandoc/>
Dougal Stanton

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