[Haskell-cafe] auto-completion for Vim 7

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Mon Mar 5 20:20:41 EST 2007

Claus, Stephan: I hope you don't mind me having put a link to your work at the bottom ;)
(link below)

> If someone knows of a simple way to generate a function/type list of
> the standard modules, I'd love to hear about it. Generating such a
> list on the fly each time is probably not an option, as it would be
> too slow.
> -Stephan

Hi Stephan.

I like your type hints! But I'd suggest using autoloading so that you
don't have to load those 4000+ lines each time you start vim.

I've had another closer look at my scripts I've written same time ago and I did
some profiling: Result: It is quite usable now.
It implements a very simple cached regex based function finding hack

Have a look at my simple installation instructions:

and try echo vl#dev#haskell#modules_list_cache_jump#ScanModuleForFunctions(getline(0,'$'))

=============  =======================================================
abc :: Int -> String
abc a = show

todo = "notime"
=============  =======================================================
results in
{'abc': {'impl': 5, 'type': 4}, 'main': {'impl': 9}, 'todo': {'impl': 7}}
which means abc's type declaration can be found at line 4 and it is
implemented at line 5 ...

Its far from beeing perfect.
Shouldn't be too hard to add type information as well.

feedback welcome


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