[Haskell-cafe] wanted: haskell one-liners (in the perl sense of one-liners)

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Sun Mar 4 14:34:35 EST 2007

Thomas Hartman wrote:
> Is there a way to do

<perl one-liner gibberish>

> as a shell command that idiomatically uses haskell?

I used to do those in Perl, too, years ago.

I switched to the readable step-by-step style of the
Python shell when I moved from Perl to Python.
It is a whole different mentality about how to work,
but in the end it is equally powerful and beautiful.

Now that I am a Haskell person, I find that the Python
style is a perfect fit for Haskell shells such as GHCi.
The :def command in GHCi makes this really
powerful (though I find that I rarely need that much

You can kind of fake the one-liner style in Python,
but it is awkward. I assume that the same would
be true in Haskell (though I admit that I never
tried it very seriously). Unless you define all kinds
of single-character abbreviations, in which case
why not just use Perl?


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