[Haskell-cafe] numeric minimization in Haskell

Dan Weston westondan at imageworks.com
Fri Mar 2 21:07:09 EST 2007

 > Did I just read an admission that Sony Imageworks use Haskell for
 > movie post-production?

Nice try, but I do not speak for Sony Pictures Imageworks. Whatever 
things they do or do not do in post-production would no doubt fall under 
some kind of trade secret thing and I would not mention them here. Kudos 
to you for knowing that Imageworks is a part of Sony. You must be an 
industrial spy!

Even so, you are inferring more than I implied. By "in my work", I mean 
specifically that I use Haskell (and GSLHaskell) to develop algorithms, 
prototype them, then validate the results of production code written in 
C++ (and GSL).

As such, I couldn't care less about efficiency in Haskell. I realize 
that this way of doing things may be considered "impure" to hardcore 

My full comment was actually:

 > GSL is written in C, and I don't know any language more portable than
 > that! gsl_vector and gsl_matrix use a continuous block of doubles, so
 > you can use the FFI to marshall this however you want for efficiency.

I know it's heresy on this list to treat Haskell like a wrapper over 
C/C++, but my experience shows that it has a lot of advantages, even if 
the final product is code in another language!

This is the only argument for using Haskell "in the real world" that I 
have found has any traction with management, so I hope people don't 
disdain it while waiting for the day when the benefits of Haskell will 
be apparent to all.


Dan Piponi wrote:
> On 2/28/07, Dan Weston <westondan at imageworks.com> wrote:
>> I like spending my time on interesting things, not reinventing
>> pre-debugged and efficient libraries. I use GSLHaskell in my work and
>> have never had a problem.
> Did I just read an admission that Sony Imageworks use Haskell for
> movie post-production?
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> Dan
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